Damien Forshe

Damien Forshe has owned and operated Rid-All Green Partnership Exterminating Corporation for 15 years, but his true passion is urban agriculture. Deeply embedded in him since his youth, Damien got the chance to fulfill his dream in 2011. His passion received a boost when he met Will Allen, head of Growing Power Inc. and the urban farmer recognized by Time Magazine in 2010 as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Now Damien is investing his own money and working with friends to attract capital to expand the Rid-All Green Partnership, an anchor in Cleveland’s Urban Agriculture Innovation Zone. This zone is a 26-acre area of mostly vacant city land bank and tax delinquent properties between E. 79 and E. 84 streets off of Kinsman Avenue.The long-term strategy is to use urban agriculture to educate the next generation of Clevelanders to not only learn to grow and eat fresh foods, but to also operate and grow their own businesses in the food industry, ranging from selling fresh produce and fish to food distributors to full-fledged processing and packaging of fresh food products. Damien is a 21st Century leader in the food revolution!