Dave, “Dr. Greenhand”

Dave, “Dr. Greenhand” has been in-purpose since he was five years old. From a grandmother’s hand came his true passion for the earth. “She taught me that all great conversations are around a meal.” From producing food for neighbors and friends, he began to understand food and the power of feeding people good food. A very short stint in the military took him away from his passion, only to land him thousands of miles away from home learning the “soils of war” first hand. A graduate of Glenville High, student of agriculture at Agriculture Technology Institute, a branch of Ohio State University and A marine veteran from 1979 to 1983, his rounded experiences give a fuller picture of the unique qualities Dr. Greenhand brings to the team. “I learned from my grandmother that the secret to beautiful, healthy plants and vegetables is the soil and clean water.. Soil, It is alive!” With a strong fatherly presence, Dr. Greenhand learned how to grow vegetables and fell in love with it. At 16, in 1975 they closed the Horticulture program at his high school but did not take him away from his journey with the soil. He enrolled at The Ohio State University, accepted into the agriculture program. Life circumstances introduced him to military service as a teenager to advance his educational pursuits. This time aboard allowed for learning opportunities with farm practices and his passions connected to soil. This also gave him a worldview of his passion of the soil that would help him today in his role at Rid-All Green Partnership as the Dr. of All Green Things! Finishing his term and returning home was his desire. Family and friends embraced him and he was provided a platform to be cultivated at the farm. His daily tours that provide youth, teenagers and all aged adults with an intimate look at the neighborhood. A neighborhood kid success story, Dr. Greenhand is always ready to make sure the home front is taken care of, a philosophy shared by his whole family and the team at Rid-All Green Partnership.