G. Keymah Durden III

G. Keymah Durden III has an eclectic back- ground. Although he is trained in avionic-mechanical engineering and construction, Keymah’s passion for sustainable living and environmental protection has taken him around the world. It has allowed him to get involved in several international programs and activities. In Ghana West Africa he was involved with the African Hebrew Development Agency (AHDA) in their Fresh Well Water Initiative and Healthy Lifestyles Program. In Israel he helped plan an International Sustainability Summit and was involved with the Dimona Community Agricultural Project. He is also a former co-owner of the internationally renowned Soul Vegetarian Restaurant and has been a practicing vegan for over 20 years. Keymah is a graduate from Cuyahoga Community College’s Post Graduate Program in Environmental Health and Safety. One of his major areas of focus was storm water management. He along with other students put together an actual storm water management program for one of Cleveland’s local town- ships. But his specialty is public relations, urban agriculture, and deconstruction activities. His goal and vision is simple, “creating access to holistic, nutritional food for the development of the communities around the world.” To this end he is eternally dedicated.