Marc S. White

Marc S. White (Rid-All Green Partnership Farm Operations Manager) Fashion Designer, Human- itarian, Regenerative Specialist, Farmer and one of the Original Green Partners of Rid-All Green Partnership. As a student of life, and the first African American male graduate of Kent State’s School of Fashion in the Mid 1980’s, Marc has spent his career drawing inspiration from Nature and the Creation to form his unique design aesthetic. He has a philosophical vision of “traditional” clothing and culture that translates into completely modern sartorially pleasing and covetable wear. He brings vitality and art to a segment of this industry that was considered out of touch with the urban community for years. As with clothing, Marc saw early on that the human body is the original canvas of God’s creative expression and that contemporary standards of beauty were not favoring the innate resident beauty that every human naturally possessed; creating low self-esteem and identity crises in many people. To echo Marc “We are an outer reflection of an inner condition.” Optimum health through nutrition and righteous thinking plays a major role when it comes to our aesthetic beauty and overall wellness. Living abroad between 1990 and 2010, Marc had the opportunity to re- side in West Africa, Israel and Europe. Steeped in the deep rich culture of his journeys, he has gleaned much creative inspiration from this exposure. In 2003 Marc Co-Founded the Dimona Greening Company, an urban greening company in Southern Israel whose objective was to raise the green standards and practices of the people there. This initiative fostered personal and environmental consciousness towards a more sustainable and regenerative life. In the Fall of 2011 Marc was propositioned by longtime friends, fraternity brothers and Rid-All Green Partnership Co-founders Keymah, Damien and Randy to come back to Cleveland, manage the project and bring his spirit to the farm. He operated a store from 2013-2016 located in downtown Cleveland through a partnership with Rid-All Green Partnership called The Natural Effect. Marc designed and produced a line of clothing and products that demonstrated a combination of utility and elegance called “Reconstructed”, as well as a regenerative juice and food product line called “The Urban Farm Doctor’s” superfood line.